Save Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Named Hannah

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New York Veterinary Foundation Raising Funds to Save Yorkshire Terrier Puppy Named “Hannah”

PLAINVIEW, NEW YORK 7-04-10– The New York Veterinary Foundation (NYVF) is appealing to animal lovers to help save Hannah, a Yorkshire Terrier puppy critically in need of surgery.

Hannah3This spring, Hannah, at 5 months old was brought to Garden City Park Animal Hospital (GCPAH) with severe symptoms including vomiting and squealing from pain.

Dr. Steiger of GCPAH administered appropriate care and eventually Hannah was stabilized but would need an MRI to diagnose her condition. The family did not want Hannah to be put to sleep, yet did not have the means to pay for her medical bills. GCPAH raised over $800 to help pay for the MRI which would uncover the need for Hannah to undergo surgery. That’s when Gina, a technician at GCPAH offered to take Hannah into her own home and find a way to raise money for her surgery.

Gina brought Hannah to the Long Island Veterinary Specialist (LIVS) where she met Dr. Dominic Marino, DVM, Dip. ACVS, Dip. ACCT, CCRP and his talented and caring staff.  Hannah was diagnosed with Basilar Invagination, a condition where her cervical spine is out of alignment – causing extreme pain as it bends and compresses her spinal column.  Hannah would need to undergo Cervical Fusion, a new procedure being pioneered at LIVS.  The LIVS staff was so moved by Hannah’s story that they offered to donate the surgical services through their foundation NYVF.

Hannah2While LIVS is donating the surgical procedure, more help is needed to pay for the additional medical costs including medicine, rehabilitation and hospitalization which could exceed $5,000.

NYVF appeals to animal lovers to help Hannah have a future.  To donate visit www.NYVF.org and click on Hannah’s photo.  Your donation, however small, will make a difference.


Long Island Veterinary Specialists is a nationally recognized veterinary specialty center located in Plainview, (Long Island) New York.  LIVS treats 35,000 pets a year, making it one of the busiest specialty animal hospitals in the United States.  The hospital has an active Neurology/ Neurosurgery Department and the only electronic brachytherapy treatment facility for pet cancer of any veterinary hospital in the world.


The New York Veterinary Foundation (NYVF), established in 2008, is comprised of dedicated professionals who are committed to furthering the Foundation’s mission to help bridge the knowledge divide between the worlds of human and veterinary medicine.  NYVF accomplishes their goals through research, education and service.  NYVF was created to support critical research on medical conditions affecting both humans and animals, educating the public and medical communities about these findings, and assisting the field of service animals that contribute to our safety and quality of life.  NYVF’s mission is to advance the collective knowledge base of human and veterinary medicine through research and clinical studies that benefit both worlds.

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