Service Dogs

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ServiceDogService dogs play an invaluable role in the lives of  individuals who depend on them to perform everyday tasks.  They require many hours of training, and once trained, premature retirement due to illness or injury has wide reaching consequences.  The loss of this highly trained animal substantially impacts guide dog training foundations both financially and logistically.

Additionally, the individual in need must be paired with a new service canine which can have a severe impact to their day to day lives.

By working with The Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind in the course of providing normal health care, information about the health of these service dogs is used to learn more about many common conditions and fitness.

Police and Service dogs are a perfect controlled population to study diagnostic methods such as medical infrared imaging. This research supported by the foundation in the use of medical infrared imaging in the early detection of diseases has already been published with several other studies currently in progress.

Service canines have already indirectly benefited from the clinical studies supported by the foundation, but there is more that is needed.


Several studies on juvenile canine orthopedic diseases in service dogs have been funded by the Foundation and carried out at Long Island Veterinary Specialists (LIVS), in collaboration with The Guide Dog Foundation of Smithtown, NY.   These studies have already proven successful in the early detection and treatment of juvenile orthopedic diseases in service dogs.  The New York Veterinary Foundation has been and will continue to fund this important research, which keeps these service dogs healthy and extends their very important careers.

The importance of these dogs is on the rise.  How they enrich our lives through guidance, detection, protection or companionship is only beginning to be understood. The success of The New York Veterinary Foundation makes it possible to “Bridge the Divide” that has left these important areas unaddressed until now.



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