Law Enforcement Animals

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baby_service_2Dr. Marino has worked with the law enforcement community for more than twenty years. Dr. Marino recognized a significant deficit in the long term care of police canines and for decades has personally provided this care for several departments. However, with the increased number of canine teams being deployed, this program necessitates formal planning, organization, and your support.

Extensive continuing education programs have been developed for canine handlers on topics ranging from general to emergency care of police canines.  The foundation has sponsored hands on CPR classes and practical laboratories using canine mannequins for training.

Disaster related courses such as radiation, chemical and biomedical hazard courses are being integrated into future training sessions.

With the help of the law enforcement community, an advisory board is being established to oversee the medical care of active and retired police canines and to provide a dignified cremation and police memorial urn to honor these loyal servants at the time of their passing.



For veterinary specialists, treating patients while learning from their care and recovery from illness is important. Having an opportunity to share what has been learned for the benefit of children, police or service canines, is a rare gift of which you can be a part.

The importance of these dogs is on the rise and how they enrich our lives through guidance, detection, protection or companionship is only beginning to be understood. The success of The New York Veterinary Foundation makes it possible to “Bridge the Divide” that has left these important areas unaddressed until now.



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