Dominican Republic - Youth Project

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One of the mottos that the New York Veterinary Foundation (NYVF) believes in is "Bridging the Divide".  It is with this mindset that NYVF will be helping to sponsor six young ladies in their quest to return to the Dominican Republic and work with the nonprofit group “7 Elements.”  One focus of the group is to provide medical care to the local villages, where this is lacking. This global sustainability project is in collaboration between “7 Elements” and “Timmy Global Health Partnership”.


These volunteers are planning a 21 day trip in conjunction with 7Elements and need your help to provide medical supplies and support. Together they must raise $10,000 in addition to corporate sponsorship to make this trip possible.  If you are interested in sponsoring the volunteers, please make a tax deductible donation to: The New York Veterinary Foundation, Attn: Dominican Republic.


Donations can be sent by check to:

The New York Veterinary Foundation

163 South Service Road

Plainview NY 11803

Attn: Dominican Republic




Thank you for your support!


Dr. David Addison, Founder & Executive Director of 7 Elements, first traveled to the Dominican Republic to complete his PhD in Sustainability. He felt that he needed to utilize the seven elements of human security to provide holistic development opportunities and increase the quality of life for the people living in abject poverty in the north central region of the DR. Dave thus founded 7E, an organization that harnesses student efforts and financial capital to both improve the lives of the people around Las Canas, located about a 45 minute drive inland from the resort community of Puerto Plata. This approach—which focuses on improving access to environmental, economic, food, health, individual, community, and political security—is gaining attention and acclaim from people in many fields, including that of development.

Beginning in 2015, “Timmy” is sending medical service teams to work in 5 of the communities surrounding Las Canas, providing primary care for over 600 patients on each trip.

By supporting the missions of these partner organizations and complementing their work with short-term medical service teams, in-kind resources, and year-round funding, the organizations seek to build their capacity, expand their outreach, and help provide quality healthcare to marginalized, underserved communities in the developing world.

Via outreach to students throughout the United States – the next generation of doctors, nurses, and public health professionals – we help inspire a movement of leaders who understand the active role they can and should play in transforming the lives of others.

Here are the girls whose trips you will help support:


My name is Sydney Nankervis and I am a freshman at Albright College in Pennsylvania. I am currently undecided in what my major will be but what I do know is that I have a passion for helping those in need. I have never gone on a mission with 7 elements, but I have done two other mission trips to Puerto Rico and Costa Rica with my church. These trips truly changed my life and I found a love for emerging myself in the culture and the people and serving the best that I can. I am really looking forward to this opportunity to be able to travel to the Dominican Republic (a place I have never been before) and continue helping those in need. I am not sure exactly what is needed in the Dominican but I am excited to experience yet another mission, where I can help and serve, that will be different from my last two, but equally as rewarding and life changing.


My name is Marissa O’Donnell and I am a freshman at Fairfield University in Connecticut majoring in Biology.  I was fortunate enough to work with 7Elements last year on the Las Canas Community Center project and attended the ribbon cutting ceremony during the building’s dedication.  Being a part of that and being able to see the joy on the faces of the Community Leaders and the people who will have the opportunity to use the center was one of my proudest moments.  The people in the small communities of the Dominican Republic are truly underserved in many areas one of which is health care.  I will be returning to work with 7Elements this summer and plan on working with the medical group in order to help establish Medical Clinics for Las Canas and other small villages.


My name is Fernanda Alvarado and I am a junior at Piscataway High School in New Jersey. This past summer, I experienced so many wonderful things while working with 7Elements in the Dominican Republic. The highlight of my trip was walking into the clinic after the ribbon cutting ceremony, and realizing that the small house, made of only plastic bottles, chicken wire, wood and cement, would be where so many kind and generous people would come to be treated and healed. These communities have the help of several doctors and other volunteers, but the residents deserve all the help that we can offer. In the upcoming summer I will be returning to work with 7Elements again to offer public health services in several communities such as Las Canas.



My name is Grace Marino and I am a senior at Saint Anthony’s High School in South Huntington, NY. This past summer, I traveled to the Dominican Republic and worked with the organization 7Elements on building schools/medical clinics out of recyclable bottles. It was such a great experience to work with the other volunteers and community members. This upcoming summer, I will be returning to the Dominican Republic to help out with some of the medical clinics. I’m looking forward to participating in making basic health care more accessible to people who live in these underdeveloped villages.



My name is Cynthia Olivares and I am a senior at Elsie Allen High School in Santa Rosa, CA. In the summer of 2014 I was privileged enough to have been awarded a full scholarship to volunteer in the Dominican Republic with the organization 7Elements through Summer Search, a nonprofit that aids low-income students. As a volunteer I helped build Schools/Clinics out of recycled water bottles, which was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. This coming summer I will again embark on my journey to volunteer yet this time I will be aiding the people in the communities directly at the clinic sites. My friends and I are passionate about creating change and helping out the people who need it the most, and we look forward to have a service filled summer.






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